Ragnar Trail Medals

As you all know we are excited that Ragnar Trail Tahoe is back this year. But there is more exciting news to share. They released the design for this years’ medal and it is awesome! If you do any Ragnar Trail Relay event this year you will get this amazing medal.

You know how interested we are in our race “bling”, even having a category for the best race bling during our year end wrap up episodes so it’s only natural that we would write about this.
Historically Ragnar Relay Series, the parent company for Ragnar Trail, is known for some great medals. Medals for their road relays typically double as a bottle opener. Their double medals awarded for running two specific races in their series are unique, big and have great designs. With the series expanding to the trails the last couple of years as Ragnar Trail Relay they have had wooden medals the last two years, more in line with trail running.

The new medal design this year is unique. Unlike previous trail medals it is made entirely of metal and is actually a multi-tool. Staying true to what their medals are known for, it does incorporate a bottle opener. However it also includes a nut and bolt wrench, a flex wrench, a serrated edge labeled as a saw and more! It even has their new catchphrase etched on the back “find your inner wild”.

Who  knows if the TSA will let you take this on the plane. But if they don't, put it in your checked lugagge or your other option is to use one of the envelopes Ragnar Trail will have available at each venue to ship the medal home to yourself.

You’ll definitely want to get this medal and make your friends jealous so register now for any or many Ragnar Trail races. We are fortunate enough to have a discount code to share with the Embrace Running community for the Tahoe event that will be taking place August 14-15. The code is TT15MCOSTA for $50 off of a team entry. See you there.

Ragnar Trail Tahoe

Photo Credit All Photos: Ragnar Trail Relays

Photo Credit All Photos: Ragnar Trail Relays