Honey Stinger Gingersnap Waffle

As a runner I am always excited to try out a new product, whether it be shoes, clothing or a nutrition product. So needless to say I was excited when I found out Honey Stinger had a new flavor for their waffle-gingersnap! I've been a lover of Honey Stinger products for years and have tried every flavor of their organic waffle (along with their energy chews, gels, bars, etc). Prior to trying the new waffle flavor I was partial to their honey flavor and vanilla flavor and often used them to fuel prior to a race or long run. Since trying the gingersnap waffle I've added it to my favorites list. They do offer their waffles in other flavors including strawberry, chocolate and lemon.  With the temperatures falling and holiday season getting closer it seemed fitting to sit down and write about this newest flavor of waffle. Honey Stinger waffles are actually two very thin waffles sandwiched together with a thin honey layer in between. Sounds good, right? The gingersnap flavor includes cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of molasses. I love ginger flavored things including ginger snap cookies and ginger candy but add cinnamon, nutmeg and molasses and I'm sold!  And while I know that some ginger flavored products have a strong taste, the flavor in this product is not overwhelming. It's great as pre-race fuel and I've used it before long runs and during long trail runs as well and it has not given my any stomach troubles. It's 160 calories per waffle and as with all of their products it's organic. If you haven't given it a try I recommend you do, and buy an extra one to share with a friend, or in my case, to eat later.