MyID Sport Bracelet Review

Safety when running should always be a top priority. Currently there are many different products for runners to use to help increase the chances that when something bad happens on the run those who first come upon you will be able to help. I see more and more runners wearing safety tags or bracelets that have access to personal information that would be helpful in a situation when you are not able to verbally provide that information yourself. One such product is MyID. 

MyID is a bracelet that can store vital personal and medical information. It's different than other Medical ID and safety bracelets and tags in that instead of having the information written or engraved on the bracelet itself the information is stored online. First responders or others who are first to find you have three ways that they can access this information: they can scan the QR code on the bracelet with their smartphone, they can call the live operator that is available 24/7 or they can look up the information using the unique ID and PIN from any web enabled device. Since the information you enter, also known as your profile, is securely stored online you can update it at any time.

Your profile is created online and linked to your specific MyID bracelet. Your profile is customizable and includes your name, contact information, one medical condition and one emergency contact for free. For a subscription fee of $10/year (called the Premium Profile) you can add medications, allergies, insurance information, additional medical conditions and additional emergency contacts. The good news is that you get a free year of the Premium Profile when you purchase a MyID bracelet and link it to your online profile.

MyID has several different products and their MyID Sport is their most lightweight product and happens to be the one I have. It comes in several color combinations. It also comes in different sizes so that you can get the most comfortable fit on your wrist. There is a sizing chart on their site to guide you so you know which one to order. Mine fits comfortably on my wrist and does not rub in anyway. I really like that it is lightweight and sometimes I forget I even have it on. MyID sport is waterproof and comes with a lifetime warranty. Some users have noted that the ID, PIN and QR code start to wear off after much use but MyID has acknowledged this and states that they have made changes to their products to make this less likely. They also have a lifetime warranty and have offered to replace those products that have had this happen. I've worn mine for about a month and have not noticed any wearing.

They also offer a free app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to edit your profile and display your custom QR code on the lock screen itself. The great thing about MyID is that it is very easy to update your information online and have it immediately linked with your bracelet without having to purchase a new one.

MyID Sport