Embrace Running 135: Running in Humidity

This week, we talk about how to prepare for running in humidity. Priscah Jeptoo and Geoffrey Mutai will be defending their wins at the New York City Marathon this year. The Race Director for Leadville Trail 100 makes an official statement about Rob Krar's win. Jenny Simpson wins in Stockholm. Mark got some new shoes, and our week in training.


Tips for running in humidity:

  • Acclimate if possible. You can do this by sitting in a sauna prior to runs to heat up your body. This will help your body get used to running at a higher core temperature.  Running in extra layers of clothing will help acclimate you to the heat but not necessarily humidity.
  • Hydrate. If you become hydrated you're ability to sweat and cool your body decreases.
  • Lower your core temperature before, during race. Eat a cool breakfast on race morning to help keep core body temperature down. Use ice on your body.
  • Start slower and adjust your goals. Decrease your intensity.